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European Brain Council: a new reality

Jes Olesen, president EBC

On March 22 2002, the founding members of the European Brain Council (EBC) met in Brussels and, in the presence of the lawyer, signed the EBC Constitution. EBC will be officially registered in Belgium. The official launch of EBC is planned for the Autumn of 2002.


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Brain imaging and neuropsychopharmacology

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SPC view of Barcelona

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Motivation in the area is stimulating

logomklein.gif (949 bytes) Keynote interview:
Juan José López-Ibor: “Effective treatment has always been the proof of the pudding for neuropsychopharmacology”

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Format Educational Team proves successful again

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Perfect opportunity for trying out presentation skills

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logomklein.gif (949 bytes) European Brain Council:
a new reality

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The officers of EBC were elected from its founding members:
  • European Federation of Neurological Societies (EFNS)
  • European Federation of Neurological Associations (EFNA)
  • European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP)
  • Global Alliance of Mental Illness Association Networks (GAMIAN)
  • European Association of Neurosurgical Societies (EANS)
  • Allgemeine OrtsKrankenkasse (AOK).

The EBC Board of Directors is constituted as follows:

  • president Jes Olesen (EFNS)
  • vice-president Mary G. Baker (EFNA)
  • secretary-general Julien Mendlewicz (ECNP)
  • treasurer Peter Buschmann (AOK)

Two associate members were also elected to the Board of Directors: Rodney Elgie (GAMIAN) and Lars Sundstrom (EANS). The EBC-Office will be located at the EFNS Branch Office in Florence, Italy and Mrs. Evelyn M. Sipido was appointed administrative officer to EBC. The address and contact details of the EFNS Branch office can be found below.

The Board of Directors decided on the priorities and working plan of the newly constituted European Brain Council. The priority areas of work of EBC will be:

  • Implementation of the already excellent collaboration with the EC and with Mr. Busquin’s cabinet in particular, in order to secure the presence of ‘brain disorders’ as a research area within the 6th Framework Programme.
  • Insist on the importance of a separate programme on ‘brain research’ within the forthcoming 7 th Framework Programme. EBC will ask to be actively involved from the very beginning in the preparation of the working documents for the 7th Framework Programme.
  • Working together with the European Parliament on decisions directly related to ‘brain research’ through the constitution of a group of ‘Parliamentarians for Brain Diseases’.
  • Gather data on the cost of brain diseases through the project ‘Cost of Disorders of the Brain in Europe’. This project wants to be the response to the explicit request by the EC for such data as, up to date, no specifically European data on the costs of brain disorders are available.
  • Write a position paper describing the major brain diseases and the importance of the contribution of basic research to the improvement of the quality of life of those living with/affected by these conditions. This position paper will report exclusively on European examples of research.

EBC will invite a permanent representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) to its meetings and the possibilities of an official working relationship with WHO will be explored.

EFNS Branch Office
c/o University of Florence
Dept. of Pharmacology
Viale Pieraccini 6
B I-50139 Florence
Phone: +39 055 43 62 098
Fax:+39 055 42 71 280


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